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Contact Information

Davalt Optical
807 Lomax Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
Phone: (904) 353-6229

Business Hours:
Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri

Davalt Optical provides the following services:

•    Fill doctors prescriptions for lenses in new eyeglasses or your current frames
•    Help you in selecting new eyeglasses from our ever changing selection of over 1000 frames
•    Repair eyeglasses
•    Eyeglass accessories
•    Duplicate prescriptions from your current eyeglasses
•    We will custom order eyeglasses
•    We carry safety glasses and sports glasses
•    We love special needs customers and children needing those first pair of glasses

We at Davalt Optical believe that your best eye care comes from visiting your Ophthalmologist or Optometrist, then come to us with your prescription and let us order your new lenses. We  order your prescription from a professional laboratory that specializes in eyeglass lens technology. This way you get the advantage of having experts handling each step of the process.